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Court Reporter Owned, Managed and Trusted

Imagine is proud to be one of the few court reporter owned firms left in California. Founded and managed by CSR Nicole Braa, Imagine consistently balances client demands with reporter expectations. Our Calendaring and Production teams are some of the best in the business, and our confirmation, turn-in and payment procedures have all been set up with reporters in mind. We appreciate that as independent contractors you can work with whomever you choose; please know that Imagine Reporting has been built attract, and take care of the best CSRs in the business.

Denise Stires, CSR NO. 4472

I have been a reporter for 41 years now and have experienced reporting agencies in 4 counties and 2 states. I have yet to work with an agency as personable, helpful and conscientious as Imagine Reporting. From the owners to calendaring and production, they are simply the best. I am so thankful to have found Imagine, and so very glad they continue to send jobs my way.

Gina De Luca, CRR, RMR, CSR 6973

After reporting 25 years, who would have imagined that accepting a simple assignment would result in such a fulfilling and lasting association? Seven years later, I now work exclusively with Imagine.
They’re dedicated to integrity and professionalism. Their clients are happy, long-term business friends.
The staff is more than conscientious and caring. They’re family!

Rachel Davis, CSR 13621

Working with Imagine has truly been a wonderful experience. They provide me with quality work, and are always there to support me with anything I may need. One of the biggest reasons I love Imagine is that I am confident they recognize my worth as a reporter.

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