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Court Reporting

As the industry shifts away from local providers and toward monolithic, impersonal corporations, Imagine is doubling down on service.  Our firm is proud of its locally sourced, highly qualified Certified Shorthand Reporters. These reporters are some of the best and brightest in the nation.  Each understands proper deposition procedure, and is adept at maintaining proper decorum in difficult situations.  

“Sometimes, how a person answers a question is more important than what they actually say.”  – Kenneth Eade

Our team of CSRs, Legal Videographers and Certified Interpreters will capture the entire force and effect of the testimony solicited.  We tailor each of these services to provide you with a predictable, familiar experience; you arrive at your deposition free from the fear of surprise and ready to do your job. 

Imagine's in house, certified legal videographers will create a stunning visual record of your next deposition or trial. The synced testimony can easily be imported into any trial presentation software.
Remote Depositions
You cannot be everywhere at once. Luckily, we live in an increasingly connected world. Imagine has developed different remote deposition options to better enable you to efficiently obtain valuable testimony from non-local witnesses. You may find that our competitors exploit the difficulty of travel, and squeeze clients for inflated videoconference fees. Imagine works with you to craft modest, "all-in" remote testimony solutions. Costs are approved in advance of booking, and the product provided is always industry leading.
Digital Exhibits
Access exhibits anytime, from anywhere. Whether you are working at the office, from the courtroom, or staying up late the night before your meeting, your exhibits will always be at your fingertips. That goes for your entire team as well. Real time collaboration between all parties has never been easier.
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