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When preparing for trial, presentation is everything. From Trial Binders to Demonstratives, Imagine’s approach to reprographics is simple: provide exceptional products via our utilization of cutting edge equipment and quality materials. Our reprographic technicians possess years of industry experience, and you will always be provided prompt and professional service at an outstanding value. No project is too small and no job too big. From singular disc duplication to voluminous digital printing, Imagine is your one-stop shop for quality reprographics support.

Trial Binders

Creating trial binders can be tedious and time-consuming. Imagine streamlines this process by utilizing automated methods to ensure accuracy and quality, making binder assembly with tabs, covers, and spines as efficient as possible. Prior to printing, exhibit tags and pagination can be applied according to court standards.

Digital Printing

High-volume document file printing is also available, both from imaged or native format. Prints can be organized using slip sheets, divider tabs or staple assembly. Slip sheets can include the file path and/or filename information for tracking purposes.

Document Scanning

Imagine offers complete digital document imaging and coding to convert physical documentation into electronic format. The scanned documents can be indexed for full load file creation including .DAT,.DII, .OPT, .LFP and .CSV and can be customized to any preferred format in order to maintain compatibility with existing litigation support software.

Large Format Printing & Scanning

Trial demonstrative exhibit boards can be created by enlarging your images, charts, graphs, statements, or deposition excerpts and mounting them on foam-core boards. Additionally, large format scanners can be used for digital file creation.

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