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Julian Coletta

Director of Operations: Trial Support and Records

Julian Coletta is one of Imagine Reporting’s first employees and has contributed to the company’s growth in many ways. Julian helped to build the Records Department and has successfully managed that department since its infancy. Julian is also technology-inclined and has more recently begun working in Imagine’s Trial Support department. In this role, Julian provides exceptional “Hot-Seat” trial support to counsel throughout the country. He is proficient in Trial Director and Trial Pad and is adept at adjusting on the fly. His mild-manner and intellect make him the ideal candidate to place in stressful situations, and his ability to clearly and concisely identify and address potential issues causes him to rise above competitors in this field.

Julian is an avid hiker and has recently taken up aviation. In his free time, he can be spotted flying or running around with his wife Sarah and dog Ela.


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