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Nicole Harnish
CSR / President / Owner

Without her tireless efforts and unwavering commitment to exceptional service, Imagine would be but an idea.

Sean Coletta
CEO / Owner

Sean Coletta is an owner of, and Chief Executive Officer at, Imagine Reporting

Mryna Rembold
Chief Knowledge Officer
    Brandon Barlow
    Chief Technology Officer

    Brandon Barlow is Chief Technology Officer at, Imagine Reporting.

    Julian Coletta
    Director of Operations: Trial Support and Records

    Julian helped to build the Records Department, and has successfully managed that department since its infancy.

    Anthony Zambrano
    Director of Operations: Production

    With over a decade of experience, he provides exceptional customer service that is always centered around surpassing client demands.

    Johmar Gasphar
    Director of Client Services & Court Reporting Relations
      Jenoa Derdowski
      Director of Business Development, Partner

      Jenoa over 20 years of legal experience in the Bay Area and she is an award-winning Business Development Director, specializing in large case management and construction defect.

      Renée Rees

      In 2017, she was recognized as one of Fresno’s Top 40 Under 40 Business Professionals.

      Steele Kelly
      Senior Account Executive
        Susan Sliwinski
        Senior Account Executive
          Vivian McKenzie
          Senior Account Executive
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